New demands have a major impact on the workforce

CHROs must play a pivotal role in response.

Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, Human Capital Advisory , KPMG US

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Today, we’re seeing market disruption, more demanding customers, implementation of artificial intelligence, and a shift to a consumerism model for talent. All of this is having a major effect on organizations and placing new demands on the workforce.

With 71 percent of CEOs planning to radically transform their organizations’ operating model1, we know that CHROs need to make a real shift and play a pivotal role in how the business and its people respond---controlling what they can control and orchestrating what they can’t.

To get started, it’s really important for HR to redefine its function and the underlying operating model, bring an experience to employees that feels tailored and created for them, and get a seat at the table when discussing aspects of the organization’s culture.

No longer will traditional tools and the current HR structure be the answer. So what are the aspects you should really be focusing on? A great place to start is by combining traditional priorities with a new, wider workforce perspective that starts with the future state and works backwards to build in a series of workforce plans. It also means implementing an operating model that enables this visioning and delivers on change drivers, including:

  1. Timely and affordable deployment of HR technology
  2. Intuitive user experiences
  3. A new level of mobility
  4. Smart decision-making between teams and departments
  5. Workforce efficiencies.

To jump-start your transformation, an important first step is to incorporate the cloud. But understand that cloud computing alone will not necessarily deliver data-driven insights, smarter decision-making, and bottom-line value without using a preconfigured cloud solution like KPMG’s Powered HR. By implementing such a solution, you can quickly transform and derive enhanced value from the cloud.

For further insights, download HR: Under pressure to act. 

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