Kick-starting your cloud journey
Kick-starting your cloud journey

Kick-starting your cloud journey

An agile risk management strategy enables the business to reap the benefits of cloud-based services to accelerate strategic growth.

In an age of digital disruption, it’s a matter of when not if an organization will move processes onto the cloud. Seventy percent of IT leaders report moderate or significant investment in the cloud over the next three years, and chief information officers expect to move almost half of their applications to a public cloud by 2020.

Cloud applications drive ongoing innovation, optimize processes and deliver bottom line results. However, to reap the benefits of improved tools and machine learning associated with cloud technologies, companies need a proactive and agile risk management strategy to keep the organization’s and consumers’ data secure from internal and external threats.

To leverage all the benefits cloud services providers (CSP) deliver, organizations should embrace a hybrid cloud approach with multiple CSPs that meets the organization’s specific business needs. CSPs have developed new security, risk and compliance software tools, but the user organization holds the primary responsibility to maintain risk management. A diversified cloud ecosystem can be secured through a combination of on-premises, private and third-party cloud services governance.

Leading organizations succeed through investing in internal security and consumer responsibilities with 51 percent of IT and business executives finding an increased confidence in the cloud with on-premises security measures.1

Customers also play a role in protecting the cloud data, depending upon the cloud environment. With SaaS, customers are only responsible for their user information and data, including the ability to create and control their own encryption keys. With IaaS, consumers take on a larger role, responsible for securing applications, operating systems, and the network. With areas of blurred lines of responsibility, a strong governance system will safeguard the organization’s and users’ data.

“Moving to the cloud with confidence” shows organizations how to accelerate and enhance their cloud journey to evolve products and enhance security.


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