Putting your digital foot forward for your customers
Putting your digital foot forward for your customers

Putting your digital foot forward for your customers

A digital-first journey requires marketing take advantage of artificial intelligence to harness the power of data.

Today’s marketing function takes a proactive approach to reaching customers, enabled by emerging technologies and a complex account-based marketing, B2B strategy. This new methodology focuses on a digital-first journey with an emphasis on “martech” or marketing technology that leans heavily on data and lead generation.

Start creating a digital-first journey that can deliver improved growth through data-driven insights with a successful integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into your marketing organization.

“We need to stay top of mind as our clients business needs change. Buyers are more digitally focused, and we’re creating a full digital journey.”
Marten Van Pelt, Head of Advisory Marketing, KPMG

Getting your AI strategy started

Harnessing the power of data to unleash data-driven insights requires these five essential steps:

  • Strategy—Create a clear vision with aspiration and intended outcomes, including governance.
  • Design—Define the intended purpose of the algorithm and ensure it aligns with principles (values and ethics), security and quality standards and guidelines, and compliance requirements.
  • Model & train—Conduct model building and training for compliance and maintain the model’s integrity and resilience to bias.
  • Evaluate—Verify that the AI models meet the requirements of integrity and explainability.
  • Deploy & evolve—Receive new insights through interactions with new data sets, but continue to monitor model accuracy.

By completing these steps, companies maintain control over sophisticated, evolving algorithms, so martech AI can accurately identify target accounts and provide actionable insights.

The power of data in marketing

Data fuels emerging martech competencies and helps to pinpoint the accounts with the most growth potential, highlight the topics influencing buyers’ decisions, and reveal what forms of content lure potential buyers. Data even uncovers which type of content would better engage specific accounts and/or buyers. With buyers insight through keywords and enhanced SEM strategies, marketing organizations can increase engagement and create new content that appeals more accurately to their buyers’ specific interests with a focus on intent. 

Establishing a digital-first journey  

Digital-first journeys require innovative thinking with AI and machine learning integration. In our own recent Demandbase campaigns, we’ve leveraged artificial intelligence to create customized visitor experiences using the target company’s name and industry vertical. Likewise, we can help you use data and AI to bring awareness to your brand, buyers to your site and emerging AI technologies to your functions with our Ignite platform.

We’re taking our marketing services to the next level. Learn how to join us with improved business efficiencies and an enhanced workforce through data-driven initiatives in Controlling AI, the imperative for transparency and explainability