How CHROs can lead in driving customer-centricity
How CHROs can lead in driving customer-centricity

How CHROs can lead in driving customer-centricity

A winning customer experience begins with exceptional employee experiences. Gone are the days of traditional human resource functions.

Today, HR leaders must re-think their approach to work and their workforce, shifting the focus from job titles to the right skill sets, process-centricity to customer-centricity, and infusing this philosophy throughout the organization. Success will depend on it, so let the transformation begin.

Across industries and geographies, leading companies are focused on increasing customer satisfaction, value, and retention with organization-wide, customer-centric approaches that depend on personalizing the customer experience.

To succeed, a customer-centric philosophy and approach must permeate all areas of an organization, from operations to IT to human resources. HR, especially, has a critical part to play in elevating the customer experience. Indeed, given its role in hiring, training, and maintaining continuous engagement with the employee base, HR is positioned to be a game changer in the customer experience strategy.

Chief human resource officers (CHROs) must play a key role in driving a customer-centric philosophy and approach throughout an organization. Beyond recruiting and hiring the right people, they need to provide training programs to promote a better customer experience and advocate for metrics and compensation plans that recognize and reward the right behaviors.

In this report, The Customer-centric CHRO, we share practical insight on the CHRO’s changing role and how innovative technologies, including data & analytics and intelligent automation, are powering HR.

This paper also recommends key action steps CHROs can take to transform their HR function for the future, breathe new life into their talent management strategy, and position their HR departments to play an increasingly valuable role in their organization’s success—including:

  • Recruiting and hiring the right people
  • Training new and existing employees on how to be customer-centric
  • Driving a customer-focused culture throughout the organization
  • Delivering a great employee experience
  • Infusing a customer-service mindset to deliver HR processes and operation to the organization

Learn how to transform your workforce to provide a customer-centric enterprise by reading “The Customer-centric CHRO” now.