Aligning the business and IT to serve the customer better
Aligning the business and IT to serve the customer better

Aligning the business and IT to serve the customer better

Unlock the power of data as an asset to the business while ensuring secure development through a modern delivery approach.

Traditional IT operating models, architectures and skills are not designed to be fast; they’re designed to be stable and efficient. How does the IT function keep pace with the sheer scale of new demands in today’s business environment?

“Modern delivery” is KPMG’s approach to helping CIOs and the entire organization more rapidly deliver value, reduce failed deployments, and create a culture of continuous improvement and customer centricity while helping the business use its data to win in the market. The Modern Delivery approach integrates business, engineering, testing and operations into fully empowered full-stack teams, aligning all parts of the IT value chain to customer outcomes.

“We’ve reached critical mass in the market and see this as the sustainable delivery model for a business to thrive in a digital economy—its culture, processes, tooling, policies, controls,” says KPMG principal Steve Bates. “This is the next generation of how technology will be developed and deployed across the organization, not just within the IT department.”

The most recent Harvey Nash and KPMG CIO Survey indicated that 61% of organizations that are effective at using digital technologies and modern delivery methods are seeing higher revenue growth and profitability. IT organizations deploying modern delivery are realizing its value for customers and employees by supporting experimentation, taking calculated risks, and building strong cross-functional relationships.

Organizations that benefit from modern delivery are able to:

  • Break down organizational silos that impede problem solving.
  • Retain skilled employees by empowering them to innovate quickly and see value in their efforts.
  • Develop a culture of trust, collaboration and improved organizational effectiveness.
  • Fund ideas quickly, fail fast, fail small, and redeploy capital into new investments while shutting down others.
  • Create agility by leveraging modern architecture and harnessing a global tool ecosystem.
  • Reduce operational risk and increase confidence in new releases.
  • Improve customer intimacy and ability to pivot as demands change.
  • Realize business value and deploy capital with increased speed and effectiveness.
  • Achieve time savings and better insights through automation, machine learning, and cloud.

Adoption of modern delivery is driving open and collaborative behaviors, open source tool chains, and reusable APIs. The ultimate goal is to unlock the power of data as an asset to the business while still ensuring secure development. Modern delivery seeks to address those issues so that data is open and shared, controlled, and governed—and when put to use, it is the most powerful asset the business has.

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