Leapfrog competitors with next-gen forecasting

With KPMG Intelligent Forecasting, leverage machine learning to build a more accurate, automated and integrated business planning process.

In a KPMG webcast, 44% of attendees mentioned that too much time, bias and detail are the biggest drawbacks faced today in their planning process.  To build business resilience and gain the insights necessary to make better business decisions, leaders need to reinvent the planning process with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).  The organization’s ability to meet changing requirements—both in and outside the company—depends on it.

Now, with KPMG Intelligent Forecasting, business leaders have the planning process they need to power decision making and improve profitability. By combining deep industry knowledge with advanced technical capability and enablers, we’re helping clients reach the next level in forecasting with a data-driven and machine learning-powered approach. 

KPMG Intelligent Forecasting encompasses a core set of foundational components:

  • Advanced predictive techniques: Various types of time series and machine learning techniques are rapidly tested to help predict specific business unit(s) and P&L line(s) in scope.
  • Better data and signals: Incorporate better external data and signals from the KPMG Signals Repository along with internal financial or operational drivers to add context and predictive power.
  • Forecast customization: Create specific forecast by P&L line item, time interval, geographic region, product line, brand, customer, or channel.
  • Continuous learning and evolution: Incorporate structured feedback loops that enhance prediction accuracy over time.

Intelligent Forecasting can help support virtually any role or function within an organization with answers to real business challenges. It has already helped finance teams across industries determine how to adopt leapfrog concepts to gain a competitive advantage in their sectors. Our clients are realizing tangible benefits across accuracy of forecasts, increased insights into the business, and enhanced automation and efficiency.

No off-the shelf software provides true intelligent forecasting. It is the combination of KPMG’s people, our technology, and our methodology that help our clients realize value-driven insights and make better decisions for their organizations.

Learn how to reinvent planning to gain a competitive advantage with KPMG Intelligent Forecasting.