IT leaders are possibly losing their influence in businesses
IT leaders are possibly losing their influence in businesses

IT leaders are possibly losing their influence in businesses

The decline in CIOs sitting on boards continues to grow, but influence stays strong

Over the past two years, fewer chief information officers (CIOs) are sitting on boards, according to the 2019 CIO Survey by Harvey Nash/KPMG.  The survey, which received responses from more than 3,600 CIOs and technology leaders from around the world, reveals several contributing factors for the recent decline in CIO involvement, including:

  • Other board members are becoming more familiar and knowledgeable with technology in areas such as new products, modern ways of working, automation and analytics.
  • As large scale digital transformation programs mature, some organizations do not feel that they need to retain the CIO on the board.  However, for many digital leaders, having senior IT leadership on the board in central to their strategy.
  • There have been a proliferation of new technology executive roles including the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and many more.  These new roles may be diluting the number of active CIO titles while increasing the amount of technology leadership at the board level.
  • As technology becomes a driving force in the organization, CIOs look to expand to broader roles. Even the CEO title is no longer out of a CIO’s reach. 

While the percentage of CIOs sitting on the board declined from 71 percent to 58 percent in two years, a large amount (66 percent) of IT leaders believe the role has gained or maintained influence. In some industries, like hi-tech, telecommunications, and engineering, CIOs continue to broaden their reach and scope.   As highly connected, digitally enabled enterprises become the standard business model and senior executive roles normalize, the number may fluctuate again in the coming years. 

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