Data artistry brings HR data alive
Data artistry brings HR data alive

Data artistry brings HR data alive

A new set of analytical and communications skills

HR leaders communicate often with widely diverse audiences and individuals: people of different backgrounds, education, generations, cultural traditions, and roles and responsibilities in the organizations they serve.

The challenge often is to present complex workforce and other data in a way that, yes, can be readily understood, but more than that, makes its value to the business obvious. To that end, a new set of analytical and communications skills is called for.

Data artistry

Data Artistry combines critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills and tools to create and present visual stories based on hard data. The idea is to present data in ways most easily absorbed and processed by human intelligence. Strong narratives and visuals ensure that the message sent is received and that business leaders make better-informed decisions as a result.

Organizations invest heavily in gathering, organizing and analyzing data. But data is only as valuable as it is well-communicated. Data artistry does that through a combination of analytics, technology and tools as well as graphic design, storytelling, anecdote, personal experience and practical examples.

Audiences are taken on a journey. Facts and figures that would otherwise be, well, just facts and figures are given context, a place in the arc of a story. Data is brought to life and its meaning and importance become clear.

Data artistry in action

Data artistry is becoming more widely used by HR leaders. One insurance organization used it to reveal how the organization could make rapid strides forward in key talent and process areas such as behavioral economics, systems thinking, and the evolution of underwriting into adjacent disciplines such as risk advisory to its business-to-business clients. Using data artistry, the information came alive and was easily absorbed and understood by the audience.

Innovating with data artistry

Communications is key to strong leadership. Effective leaders chart the course for their organizations. They convey meaning and purpose, establish clarity around vision and goals, and put in place the systems and environments needed for workers to excel. Data artistry is a powerful communications tool for them to use in presenting vital conclusions based on complex data. When combined with storytelling, data artistry can assist organizations faced with digital disruption to redefine workforces, retain or enhance agility, and move forward with greater confidence.

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