Tips for getting the change management right
Tips for getting the change management right

Tips for getting the change management right

It’s an altogether too common scenario. A company makes a major technology purchase and spends large amounts of time, effort, and money implementing the new system. But once it’s up and running, it fails to deliver the expected benefits.

Technology implementations can go awry for many reasons, but one of the main causes is poor change management.

We recently had the opportunity to offer our views on the topic of change management and technology implementations. A recent article in CIO magazine that outlined eight ways companies fail at change management included some of our advice about how to execute a smooth and successful transition.

One point we highlight is that when it comes to implementing an enterprise transformation, leadership can’t be missing in action. People will take their cues from how leaders behave and will notice if they don’t show up for meetings or seem less than enthusiastic about the change. In short, if employees are to embrace the change and modify their behaviors, then leadership must show the way.

We also stressed the need for communication—even when you don’t have all the answers. Here’s what we mean. Change, by its very nature, involves uncertainties. And while communicating only what is known may seem like the best strategy, keeping people in the dark about unknowns only leads to increased anxiety and worst-case scenario thinking by affected stakeholders. A better path is for CIOs to continually encourage questions from their staff—and being honest if the answers aren’t immediately known. A “we don’t know yet” is better than silence, which many will assume implies the worst possible answer.

There’s much more to say about change management and technology transformation, and you can read the rest of the article here.

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