Mid-sized organization should consider SaaS DevOps
Mid-sized organization should consider SaaS DevOps

Mid-sized organizations should consider SaaS DevOps

Mid-sized organizations hoping to use DevOps often have difficulty undertaking an end-to-end transformation and usually don’t see the immediate value that large organizations see.

According to a recent Harvey Nash/KPMG survey, only 12 percent of CIOs said they considered DevOps to be the most important step they’re taking to become more agile and responsive.

So how can they succeed with DevOps?

As I told InformationWeek, mid-sized organizations should consider using cloud-based SaaS DevOps offerings as a way to increase agility and responsiveness. Using the inherent agility of mid-sized organizations and the ability to adapt new tools and cloud-based workflows will allow the organization to concentrate its efforts on other elements of the value stream, such as design-thinking. This will allow organizations to streamline and improve the requirements process and shift toward meeting customer expectations faster and better.

For organizations struggling to implement large-scale, complex cultural and process change initiatives, a cloud-based DevOps approach may be the answer.

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