Everyone must go all in for modern development
Everyone must go all in for modern development

Everyone must go all in for modern delivery

There is much to be gained from the methods of modern development and delivery. However, the technology function is having trouble keeping up with the numerous demands of businesses today.

As I discussed in an article for CIO, businesses can meet these challenges by looking at modern solution development and delivery holistically, including Agile, DevOps, and cloud approaches.

This next generation of technological development and deployment needs to be applied to the entire business through the lens of organizational transformation. This is no longer just an issue for the IT department. This is the sustainable delivery model for a business to thrive in a digital economy—its culture, processes, tooling, policies, controls.

This holistic model is necessary because buyers are different than they were 5-10 years ago. They want access as fast as possible and from a variety of different platforms. But most corporate technology can’t keep up—anchored to monolithic systems, employing a slower waterfall approach backed by long-lead annual financial planning processes and siloed organizational functions. Bringing the focus to the customer requires far more collaborative and agile methodology.

While chasing market opportunities and effectiveness, you want to avoid major mishaps.

Many of our clients have been using agile teams to develop software for years but are now looking to scale and rapidly integrate multiple functions. We help them understand that in order to build that transformation roadmap, the first step is to prioritize the friction points and on-ramps.

Modern delivery is best done holistically and in waves—you can’t do it in silos, or in bits and pieces. We’ve seen the failure of agile programs over the past few years, because companies lacked the executive sponsorship and commitment to change the culture, didn’t use phased approaches, or treated them as solely IT projects.

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