KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report identifies what it takes to be a
KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report identifies what it takes to be a

KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report identifies what it takes

Every year, our KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report looks at the state of customer experience (CX) across the US, and how leaders are performing.

What we found is that, in a world of increasing customer expectations, organizations are gradually coming to terms with what is required to compete on the battlefield of CX. But, customer expectations are rising faster than organizations’ ability to harness the principles of CX and change their approach to their customers. Consequently, despite significant investment, most organizations are failing to capture the full benefits of CX—competitively or commercially. According to our report, the three that are capturing these benefits best in 2018 are Navy Federal Credit, USAA and Disney Parks.

Evidenced by coverage of our report in Forbes, San Antonio Business Journal, Tech Republic and WWD, CX is more important than ever before. The days of superficial segmentation and personalization are no longer good enough. To compete successfully, you must know your customer and deliver individualized solutions. Customers want experiences that recognize their unique selves. At their core they are seeking solutions to their personal circumstances and life challenges.

So what makes customer experience excellent? Our research showed that three over-arching themes are emerging:

  • Personalization. It requires customer data, but customers are increasingly reluctant to provide it.
  • Contextualized data. Customer-led organizations require new frameworks to understand the value they create for customers – and the value different types of customers create for them.
  • Connected organizations. To take advantage of customer insights and react more quickly, organizations must unite the front, middle and back office around the customer.

Learn more about what it takes to deliver an excellent CX experience by reading the full report, which profiles this year's 10 champions, five biggest movers, and eight case studies.