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Saying “yes” is as important as saying “no.” 
Manage risk with an eye towards both protection and innovation. 

Risk: in some companies, it’s a four-letter word. But it can also be a positive when you take a big-picture view and go beyond just protecting the business.  Risk can be about creating value.

Sure, it’s still critical to keep your eye on emerging risks, complex regulations, and compliance. But you also have access to a lot of data that can inform smart business decisions. And with the right processes and technologies in place, KPMG can help you transform and elevate your risk and compliance function to promote new thinking.

KPMG Powered Risk is a transformation solution built to help you reduce time spent on worry, and increase time thinking about the business. With access to our leading practices learned from working with many risk organizations, and our pre-configured tools and processes that can be customized to your needs, you can save time and build an agile operating model and technology stack.

We’ll work with you to get to value more quickly and avoid the challenges of traditional transformations.


Be a proactive protector

Powered Risk helps you embed risk management across your operations


Elevate to agile, cloud-based risk capabilities


Jumpstart transformation to orchestrate a service-driven approach


Access leading practices and risk management processes


Increase insights through real-time risk reporting


Improve cost efficiency by reducing delivery timelines


Build trust with internal and external stakeholders


Designed to help you succeed 

By providing the elements you will need to develop, scale, and evolve your transformation program, we help you use strategies and tools that have been used effectively at many organizations. Our framework will help you move forward quickly and confidently.

Digitized, integrated risk management pays bigger dividends


of KPMG clients say they will continue investing in an integrated Risk Management GRC platform.1



of KPMG clients believe that the combined use of emerging technologies is much more beneficial than any of the technologies in isolation.1


of KPMG clients say enterprise risk management has responsibility for the strategic direction of their overall risk management/GRC program.1


of CEOs plan to accelerate the digitization of operations and the creation of next-generation operation models.2

1. Source: KPMG CEO Outlook report, 2021
2. Source: KPMG CEO Outlook report, 2020
3.CEOs say Cyber security, Environment/climate change, and Supply chain are tied for #1 risks in 20211
4. CEOs say Emerging technology, Regulatory, and Operational are tied for #2 risks in 20211


New challenges in risk and regulation must be confronted. Find out whether your business is ready.


Our deep experience with leading providers offers options for your technology environment

Powered Risk is enabled by this leading platform:

See how transformation will give you a new outlook

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Risk: lift your business head and shoulders above the rest
Lift your business head and shoulders above the rest. See how risk's new 360-degree view is a business differentiator- Download PDF

Powered Enterprise.  It’s not just for Risk.

Many other functions in your organization can benefit from the Powered Enterprise approach. We can help you improve across functions to align practices and technologies that will work together for a better future.


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Lisa D. Rawls

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Eric C. Parker

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Find out what’s possible with KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Rick function.  Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Rick function.  Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.