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Who has access to your critical business assets?
Conquer threats and complexity with a protective arm around your data. 

It’s a constant battle. But you can be up to the task of protecting your business with a continuous and through cyber approach. With digital complexity and the threat of attack at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to determine you have the right Identity Access Management (IAM) and Security Operations (SecOps) in place.

Cyber security can offer more than just a defensive approach. With KPMG Powered Cyber, you can safeguard your digital assets with processes and technology interwoven into the fabric of your business. Now is the time to transform cyber security into cyber serenity.

KPMG will help you think about the operating model, structures, and automation you use and help build a stronger forcefield around your critical assets. Using leading practices and technology supported by pre-configured, customizable connection points, we’ll help you move from a reactive approach to one built on sound IAM and SecOps principals. You can take advantage of a market-tested roadmap avoiding the challenges of traditional transformations.

As a result, you can quantify the reduction in cyber security risks and provide auditable, sustainable outcomes for regulators.

Powered Enterprise | Cyber


Turn cyber risk into an opportunity for innovation

Powered Cyber can help you build trust with customers and stakeholders


Jump start digital transformation to keep data protected


Access leading practices for identity, access, and security operations


Validate technology methodology with real-world usability


Improve the employee experience with high touch change management


Continuously evolve your environment along with threats 


Reduce implementation risks and improve ROI


Designed to help you succeed 

By providing the elements you will need to develop, scale, and evolve your transformation program, we help you use strategies and tools that have been used effectively at many organizations. Our framework will help you move forward quickly and confidently.

Master cyber risk with a through approach.

“Everybody looks at risk—of which cyber is a component—as a cost center. But good cyber security can bring a strong competitive advantage.”
- Prasanna Govindankutty, U.S. and Global Lead for KPMG Powered Cyber


of digital transformation, leaders plan to increase investments in data security measures in the next 12 months.1


of companies said they had had a Ransomware incident in the last year.2


of security attacks are via remote access.2

1. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of KPMG, April 2021
2. Source: Sophos whitepaper, May 2020


Our deep experience with leading providers offers options for your technology environment

Powered Cyber is enabled by these leading platforms:

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Powered Enterprise. It’s not just for Cyber.

Many other functions in your organization can be enhanced from the Powered Enterprise approach. We can help you improve across functions to align practices and technologies that will work together for a better future.


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Find out what’s possible with KPMG Powered Enterprise | Cyber

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Cyber function.  Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Cyber function.  Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.