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What if internal audit could be less reactive—and more attuned to emerging risk? 

Turn your internal audit into a problem-solving powerhouse.

Many internal audit functions are stuck finding issues after the fact. KPMG Powered Enterprise | Internal Audit (Powered Internal Audit) can help your organization turn the focus away from manual tasks and towards new insights that identify how your business can improve.

We bring our years of business and technology experience to help internal audit departments rethink how they define their strategy, operate as a function, prioritize work, and use data, analytics and automation to provide value beyond standard assurance. 

By taking advantage of pre-configured, customizable tools, organizations can quickly build roadmaps towards continuous, real-time auditing and concise, visualized reporting. And by using a future-focused approach they can build a program that is responsive to disruption, flexes with the overall business strategy, orchestrates talent development, and becomes a trusted, integral part of leadership decision making.

Are you ready to evolve? Learn more about the difference Powered Internal Audit can make.


Begin now to build more trust and insight

Powered Internal Audit helps you transform and establish a solid platform and approach for continuous business improvement.


Jump-start digital acceleration


Prioritize trust and stakeholder engagement 


Transform data and analytics into productive insights 


Align assurance, risk, and business improvement


Leverage talent in strategic ways


Operate with agility and responsiveness


Designed to help you succeed 

By providing the elements you will need to develop, scale, and evolve your transformation program, we help you use strategies and tools that have been used effectively at many organizations. Our framework will help you move forward quickly and confidently.



The KPMG Target Operating Model provides a roadmap through every layer of your organization.  It will guide you through your migration with pre-built components that include functional and people processes, a service delivery model, technology implementation, performance insights, data management, and governance for risk and compliance.



An integrated set of methods and tools designed to eliminate complexity as you implement the program.  It will help you reduce risk with tested, effective and rapid techniques.



Transformation is no longer a one-time destination, but a continuous journey. Get lasting value from your investment by taking advantage of our specialized managed services. Your technology and applications will continue to evolve, and our skilled delivery team can keep you functioning at peak performance.

Internal audit transformation: a heightened need to be proactive

"Organizations have, as a result of sheer necessity, made decisions quicker, collaborated better, adopted new technologies faster…the challenge now is to sustain those improvements over the long term. Defining a clear strategy for the future of work will be critical, with a focus on strengthening internal trust."
- Nhlamu Dlomu, Global Head of People, KPMG International


Transforming internal audit to establish trust

KPMG helped a leading business market intelligence and technology leader promote a more meaningful risk dialogue

This company wanted to better understand the risks across its systems, processes, and procedures. KPMG helped them re-structure their internal audit program, use agile concepts, and add technology, data analytics, and new ways of working. As a result, the company achieved a more meaningful dialogue about risk and risk responses. And internal audit’s stakeholders gained a stronger sense of trust with the process and clarity into the value internal audit provides.


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ServiceNow provides a strategic platform

Powered Internal Audit integrates with the ServiceNow platform using target operating models specifically designed to bring out maximum value from new releases.  It keeps customization to a minimum to make your transformation easier and faster.

Powered Enterprise. It’s not just for internal audit.

Many other functions in your organization can benefit from the Powered Enterprise approach. We can help you improve across functions to align practices and technologies that will work together for a better future.


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Find out what's possible with KPMG Powered | Internal Audit

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Internal Audit function. Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.

Let’s talk about how KPMG can help you transform your Internal Audit function. Our client-tested methods, tools, and insights will help you get up and running faster so you can focus on your business and what comes next.