Supplier Financial Health and Repatriation

Voice of the CSCO | March 2023

KPMG hosted the latest in a series of peer group exchanges during which chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) across multiple industries participated in a discussion about supplier engagement, supplier financial health, supply chain re-patriation, and vertical integration.

Key takeaways

  • Interconnectedness with Trading Partners —Companies need connectivity with their trading partners to manage the processes of their supply chain. The key is focusing on the business problem that the collaboration resolves and the purpose of the connectivity
  • Evaluating supplier financial health—Companies need to take steps to determine when a supplier is suffering from financial distress—or worse case, going bankrupt—which can cause major supply chain disruptions.
  • Repatriation—Exposure to long lead times from Asia and potential tension with China have caused many companies to consider moving their sources or manufacturing operations closer to or back within the United States. But that process can present some challenges.

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Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett

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