A recession won’t close the talent gap

Companies with more connected, transparent, and equitable talent agendas can recruit, build, and retain more high performers

Many employers believe that a recession could loosen the job market, but we think that’s unlikely, at least for people with the most valuable skills, knowledge, and experience. The need for highly capable people has actually never been more urgent, but yesterday’s approaches to attracting, building, and retaining talent are obsolete. We understand that a more human-centric, purpose-driven talent agenda is required to develop, nurture, reward, and retain what so many organizations call their “most valuable assets.”

At KPMG, we believe the companies working hard now to identify, hire, and retain talent will be in better positions to seize growth opportunities after any downturn—especially if they understand fundamental changes in employee attitudes.

In this paper, we describe how companies can best use a modern talent agenda to identify, recruit, build, and retain the exceptional talent required to outperform in a more competitive marketplace.

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