Profitable paths to decarbonization

A robust, quantitative approach to understanding investment tradeoffs in upstream unconventional operations

Unconventional oil and gas (O&G) companies consider a wide range of interdependent factors and constraints to fully understand the economics of their development and operational decisions. But one factor is increasingly gaining prominence in the economic equation: emission reductions.

Given increasing regulatory disclosure requirements and public pressure on companies to reduce emission footprints, O&G operators are challenged to develop a full appreciation of the trade-offs between these emerging stakeholder expectations, traditional development decisions, and operational constraints.

Not all paths to net zero have the same pace, cost, or impact on profitability. Faced with an imperative to “act”, it is challenging for operators to define what the “right path” for their decarbonization journey looks like as well as to have confidence that their investments are advancing in this direction.

The tools and capabilities outlined in this paper can help operators explore their choices; select the path that provides the desired set of strategic or economic outcomes; and have increased confidence as they move into execution.

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Dave Conroy

Dave Conroy

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US