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Precision Medicine is a rapidly evolving market, with technologies such as liquid biopsy, gene therapy, and spatial omic imaging set to change treatment paradigms and improve clinical outcomes for patients. However, this complexity offers unique challenges for our clients as they grapple with the impact Precision Medicine will have across their business - from R&D to supply chain, through to commercialization, and also as they seek to acquire new technologies through licensing or acquisition. Our industry depth, decades long experience, and local market knowledge means we deliver the critical insights needed to inform the key strategic decisions our clients must take to be market leaders in Precision Medicine.

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Global Precision Medicine Panel at JP Morgan

Click on the video to watch our global and US HCLS Deal Advisory and Strategy leader Kristin Pothier at the 2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference as she leads a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the global precision medicine field.

Cures on Horizon

People are often hesitant in using the word “cure” in the biotech sector. Watch why KPMG is interested in “cures”, and what are the upcoming opportunities and challenges

How Should We Value a Cure?

In the landscape of new, potentially curative cell and gene therapies, many uncertainties remain including how to pay for them. Value assessment approaches have been looked to as a way to achieve higher-value healthcare and many efforts are aimed at centering the patient perspective.

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Kristin C. Pothier

Kristin C. Pothier

Global & National, HCLS Deal Advisory & Strategy Leader, KPMG US

+1 617 549 2779
Alasdair Milton, PhD

Alasdair Milton, PhD

Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, KPMG US

+1 617-988-5419
Varun Renjen, MD

Varun Renjen, MD

Managing Director, Life Sciences Deal Advisory and Strategy, KPMG US

+1 973-467-9650
Puja Ghelani

Puja Ghelani

Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, KPMG US

+1 918-845-2389