KPMG named as a Market Leader in Strategic Finance

Find out how KPMG is being recognized for its finance expertise.

KPMG is proud to be positioned as a global leader for Strategic Finance by HFS in their report entitled HFS Horizons Report: Strategic Finance 2022

The report states: “KPMG helps firms make quick decisions by moving from annual budgeting to a real-time, agile, and cross-enterprise approach. It executes driver analysis using various scenarios within advanced analytics tools to quickly arrive at outcomes and make the goal of real-time insights more easily achievable.”

We are proud of the commitment KPMG has demonstrated in building a leading Strategic Finance practice focused on joining forces with our clients and centered on innovation.

Additionally, the report notes: “Customer-centric firms now lead the way for improved business decision making, and KPMG is no different in trying to achieve the same. OneOffice integrations play a huge role in this aspect, and KPMG has already embarked on this journey by aiming to deliver centralized services. KPMG ensures that all new FP&A hires are well-equipped with emerging tech knowledge and experience, which will go a long way toward improving delivery.”

KPMG finance transformation practice harnesses the power of its Business Planning & Analysis practice, allowing clients to move from annual budgeting to a real-time, agile, and cross-enterprise approach.  Additionally, the KPMG Digital Gateway for tax and finance dashboards has been a value driver in the space. 

HFS states in its report that clients find value around the intersection of finance and data knowledge: “Their experience with a global company like ours with high transactions in the tech space, element of demand planning, and datacenters is what sets them apart. They really understood better than the competition the new approach to FP&A,” a KPMG client shared with HFS.

We are pleased to have received Leader status by HFS. Facing unprecedented change and disruption that threatens their future viability, today’s enterprises run the risk of being left behind by more nimble competitors. At KPMG, we focus on helping our clients transform their forward-looking ability to drive greater actionable value for the entire organization – on demand forecasting with real time insights.
Ron Walker, Finance Transformation Service Network Lead, KPMG US

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