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March 2023 edition
In the March issue, readers learn how today’s CFOs leverage digital enablement to motivate modern workforces; we introduce FinOps, a new approach to managing cloud costs; and we look at the SEC’s plan to expand the scope of its custody rule. We also link to webcasts on banking climate forecasts and OECD guidance on Pillar Two. You won’t want to miss them.



Previous Newsletter editions

February 2023 edition
In this issue, we cover resilience in the U.S. economy; opportunities in HCLS investments; collaboration’s role in innovation; the risks facing Chief Tax Officers; the competition in workers’ benefits, and more.
January 2023 edition
See how life sciences can meet FCPA’s increased anti-corruption enforcement; learn where you stand in implementing the healthcare future; understand the impact of tightening interest rates on the housing sector; see how corporate boards are setting agendas for the year ahead; and much, much more.
December 2022 edition
Our holiday edition offers readers good cheer, our best wishes, and a few tips for happy celebrations.
November 2022 edition
What’s effective ESG governance and how do you achieve it? What does the rise of precision medicine mean for traditional development models? Are life sciences companies too complacent about fraud? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more here. Read now.
October 2022 edition
See how media execs are readying for SEC climate rules and how tech is revolutionizing healthcare; examine the surprising resurgence in manufacturing demand and the strong labor market; and see what inflation is doing to consumers—and executives—as they look to the future.
September 2022 edition
Trends in biopharma deals kick off this issue, and we then examine what the Inflation Reduction Act means for you. Are psychedelics ready for their close-up? The evidence suggests a medical market ready for growth. And the KPMG Consumer Pulse Survey tells you why back-to-school shoppers spent 20 percent more this year than last.
August 2022 edition
In this issue, see how digital transformation helped a hospital reimagine workforce management, centralize scheduling and increase transparency for smoother operations, all while streamlining costs. And find out what it takes to win complex M&A deals by focusing on strategic value and synergies. It’s all here.

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