Talent Strategy: Human Capital Diagnostic

Develop resilient workers that drive results in tough times.

Develop resilient workers that drive results in tough times

A KPMG Human Capital Diagnostic can help you assess employee resilience and build a workforce that thrives in evolving circumstances.

As companies face economic uncertainty, they must confront the trends affecting their workforce. A recent survey found that 91% of U.S. executives believe there will be a recession in the next 12 months.1 73% of organizations are also concerned about their ability to retain talent due to inflation and an increase in the cost of living.2 To reduce stress on the business, organizations should invest in building workforce resilience so they can drive profitability in difficult times.

A KPMG Human Capital Diagnostic (HCD) can enable your company to discover talent opportunities and risks across the six levers that impact employees the most. Your leaders will be able to measure the health of your workforce and understand key areas that affect talent attraction and retention. HCD analyzes both internal and external factors for insights on the overall talent lifecycle to help you plan for the future. We can provide a clear assessment of the talent gaps that exist within your organization’s unique business context and your workforce programs.

Identify opportunities to build resilience

HCD can help you prepare for the future by capitalizing on the business value of an engaged, adaptable, and innovative workforce. Discover talent opportunities and risks across these six key areas that impact your employees.

Culture and work environment

  • Identify how to improve the way your company works
  • Identify cultural attributes that contribute to success

Organizational effectiveness

Develop plans to achieve leading practice operating models

Total rewards

  • Create alignment across the total rewards portfolio
  • Create strategic objectives along with a consistent and equitable experience

Employee enablement

  • Help employees do their best and realize their full potential

Talent attraction and development

  • Encourage employees to remain motivated and develop their careers


  • Align leadership around strategic goals
  • Develop high-performing talent to support sustained performance

How can KPMG help you deliver results with a resilient workforce?

We help our clients build resilience by developing strategies that embrace new technologies and ways of working. We use the latest people analytics and digital technology to develop a culture of innovation that supports effective leadership, upskilling, inclusion, high performance, career mobility, and talent acquisition. Our services include:

Organizational strategies

  • Organization design
  • Organization architecture

Talent strategies

  • People insights and analytics
  • Talent assessment
  • Leadership development

Learning services

  • Learning strategy and transformation
  • Learning enablement and analytics platform

As business transformations become the norm and new talent priorities emerge, it is more important than ever to drive workforce resiliency within your organization. KPMG Human Capital Diagnostic can help your company achieve this by fostering a strong and engaging workplace culture. Contact us to learn how we can help you provide your employees with the support, information, and tools they need to succeed in a dynamic environment.

Learn how HCD can help you measure the health of your workforce, make informed talent decisions, and plan for future uncertainty. Read about the KPMG Human Capital Diagnostic tool and how it can help you proactively identify, manage, and solve talent issues.


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