Harness the power of analytics to drive marketing strategy

Alleviate marketing budget pressure with an integrated approach to measurement

With marketing budgets under increased scrutiny, there is a greater need to account for the impact of spending. By implementing an integrated and comprehensive marketing effectiveness program, organizations can drive revenue, achieve additional business objectives, build credibility, and create a data-driven, forward-looking spend optimization framework.

KPMG’s approach and focus on business results helps companies use data and analytics to quantify marketing’s bottom line impact, maximize ROI, and gain buy-in across the C-Suite.

Our unbiased, statistically robust measurement approach can help companies quantify the business impact of demand generation activities and help to translate performance into the financial language of the CFO. While marketing effectiveness measurement drives accountability, we also help to develop short- and long-term ROI optimization strategies to help secure more impactful marketing investments.

How can you start to take control of your marketing budget to optimize every dollar? To learn more, download the PDF below.

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