Guiding Insurers through IT Risks

The tools needed to add further value to the specific policy, billing, and claims processes for Insurance organizations.

The insurance sector brings unique challenges that other industries and sectors may not deal with, especially within the domain of policies, billing, and claims. Given these challenges, KPMG has invested in developing specialized tools, accelerators, and subject matter specialists to add further value to your specific processes.

KPMG offers three core solutions, spanning multiple service mechanisms, across the domains of segregation of duties (SOD) and sensitive access (SA). We perform reviews of hundreds of SOD programs through our three core approaches each year.

Evaluations – Leveraging KPMG proprietary tools and insights, we can rapidly evaluate application and cross-application SOD/SA to identify areas of potential risk and opportunities for optimization. As part of this, we also evaluate your existing SOD framework compared to our industry-leading practice standards specific for your insurance application landscape.

Remediation – By leveraging our wide network of application and technical subject matter specialists, we can not only identify the potential risks but also work with you to remediate through technical configuration and design/redesign of application security.

Continuous monitoring – A crucial component of staying ahead of risk related issues, is proactive monitoring and detection. We offer various ways, including implementation of third-party 

How KPMG can help

Today's insurance executives face complex market issues such as evolving governance and risk management frameworks and sustaining operational performance. Our deep experience in the insurance sector and established a track record in application security and controls can help your organization enhance its risk management framework.

Guiding insurers through IT risks
Learn about the KPMG specialized tools, accelerators, and subject matter specialists that can add further value to your specific IT risk management processes.

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