Dynamic risk management

Turning risk into opportunity with data automation.


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Survey highlights

  • 62% cite unforeseen geopolitical risks as a top organizational challenge in MANAGING impacts of inflation
  • 82% expect to raise prices by the rate of inflation (52%) or more (30%)
  • 72% envision passing on price increases in three to six months
  • 74% are looking at right-sizing staff as a means of offsetting the impact of inflation
  • Nearly 40% plan to allow all employees to work remotely to reduce real estate and related spending
  • 65% anticipate increasing their technology spend by 5% to 20% to mitigate inflationary impacts

In this point of view, we outline how data automation can improve the accuracy, speed, and value of operations within the finance function, thereby supporting dynamic risk management. We discuss the value of automating where it matters the most, helping finance to better predict risk and determine appropriate actions while continuing to monitor and assess risk factors across the enterprise. Areas of automation include data ingestion and management, business processes, and policies and controls.


Read the white paper, CFO Agenda for Elevating Finance 

This paper looks at five distinct but connected pillars to elevate finance and turn disruption into opportunity. Our insights here are based on KPMG proprietary data, industry-sponsored focus groups, field research and insights gained directly from numerous KPMG transformation engagements across multiple industries.

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