American Worker Pulse Survey Energy & Chemicals

Energy and chemicals industry insights from the American worker survey.

The third annual American worker survey sought to understand what American workers are thinking about their organizations and opportunities. Notable survey findings for the Energy sector include:

  • A corporate culture and employee experience that puts workers first measurably matters
  • Workers demonstrate staying power, though tenuous: one of every three surveyed energy workers state that their desire to remain at their current organizations increased over the past year
  • Organizational support for worker well-being must be paramount and highly personal
  • Learning and training are top of mind for career advancement
  • Communication is key as a pathway to organizational change

Even with a strong commitment to the corporate mission, workers will still pursue other career opportunities if those new roles offer compensation, career advancement, or work-life considerations not offered or supported by their current employers. Energy sector organizations must continue to keep their workers “happy” and mentally healthy to sustain this positive feedback expressed by their workforce.

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