Supply chain visibility: The quest for more timely insights

Voice of the CSCO | August 2022

KPMG convened a cross-industry group of chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) to discuss supply chain visibility.

Key takeaways

  • CSCOs seek access to the most recent data and useful analysis to drive greater certainty as a counter to ongoing supply chain constraints and poor visibility.
  • Sophisticated scenario planning is helping to inform supply chain-related decisions otherwise complicated by shifting external factors and internal considerations, with potential benefits for both companies and customers.
  • Control towers—data-rich technology environments used to manage supply chain processes and improve decision making—fill many planning and execution roles. However, a CSCO needs to tap multiple vendors to stand up a control tower that will meet specific organizational needs and goals.
  • Organizations should treat the introduction of new technologies to supply chain operations as a business transformation, helping employees recognize the benefits and adjust to new processes and capabilities.


Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett

Principal, US Supply Chain Advisory Leader, US Powered Leader, KPMG US

+1 480-459-3535

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