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Voice of the CSCO | March 2022

KPMG LLP convened a cross-industry group of chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) to discuss top agenda items in today’s disruptive operating environment: managing evolving cyber threats; improving supply chain visibility; driving sustainability profitably; and embracing technology to confront labor challenges.

Key takeaways

  • Elevated cyber risk demands collaborative approaches to cyber security.
    When it comes to cyber security, modern organizations are only as strong as their weakest supplier. Working together to share information and best practices is crucial to managing cyber-attacks on complex supply chain networks.
  • Digital solutions help meet needs for heightened operational visibility.
    Amid widespread disruption, an organization’s responsiveness, service, planning and profitability, all tie into their ability track goods, people and other resources through complex supply chain networks. Deeper data insights—and the tools and processes to generate them—are essential.
  • Evaluating sustainability projects through a financial lens helps move them to reality.
    Stakeholder pressure isn’t all that’s driving acceleration of ESG. Reducing dependency on increasingly scarce natural resources can be a good financial investment. As such, supply chain projects that deliver both environmental and financial returns are prime targets.
  • Supply chain innovation is more crucial than ever in today’s tight labor market.
    Although economies have reopened, a shortage of laborers to produce and move goods mean supply chains remain unreliable and customers remain frustrated. Technology from automation to robotics to connectivity can help reduce the burden on people and stress on operations.

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Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett

Principal, Advisory/Supply Chain Leader, KPMG US

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Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Advisory/Customer and Operations, KPMG US

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