Making short-term fixes, targeting long-term insights

Voice of the CSCO | May 2022

KPMG convened chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) across industries in a discussion about enduring the ongoing disruption without putting aside plans to make lasting improvements to supply chain operations and execution.

Key takeaways

  • Frustrated CSCOs are heading into a second year of supply chain disruption, forcing them to continue focusing on immediate needs and less on implementing improvements.
  • Some have targeted optimization in their network, transportation modes, and other areas within supply chain operations to reduce costs and improve service where they can.
  • Amidst the uncertainty and inflation, dynamic and/or transparent pricing practices are gaining popularity as costs can be more easily passed along.
  • As planning becomes more difficult, a number of CSCOs recognize the need to improve sales and operations execution.

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Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett

Principal, Advisory/Supply Chain Leader, KPMG US

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