Travel and Hospitality: Rebuilding customer loyalty and trust

Drive post-pandemic recovery and growth by ensuring your digital interactions engender loyalty

Engage customers in intentional ways to improve brand loyalty and drive revenue

2022 will be an integral year for recovery in the travel and hospitality industries—with personalized marketing poised to be a key driver of growth. Marketers must act with urgency, empathy and purpose to let customers know their needs are a priority. Do your customers know why you are different than your competitors when it comes to safety, loyalty programs and recreational opportunities? From easing travel fears to improving end-to-end experiences, how well is your organization executing its digital marketing strategy to win back business?

Read the paper below to see how your business can use data analytics and marketing automation to rebuild consumer trust, increase customer loyalty and reignite growth.

Travel & Hospitality post pandemic

Travel and hospitality post pandemic: Ensure your digital interactions engender loyalty

Learn about industry-leading automated marketing techniques that drive customer loyalty and growth in a post-pandemic world.

How KPMG and Acoustic can help

KPMG and Acoustic can address these challenges with solutions that help you understand your customers and accelerate the delivery of cross-channel, personalized experiences. We can help your organization:

  • Increase conversions, retention and win-backs
  • Offer personalized, multichannel digital experiences
  • Gain insight into customer and prospect behavior
  • Centralize digital data collection
  • Reduce tedious manual processes and errors
  • Simplify the marketer experience

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