Training's role in productivity: Optimize your approach

Insights from the KPMG and Training Industry research survey

Training can play a crucial role in helping to increase employee productivity and organizational performance—ultimately, a win-win for the business and the people it supports. However, when it comes to delivering effective training and the processes required to optimize learning for the organization, our research indicates that there’s room for improvement for most organizations across a variety of processes.

In this research, we examine organizations along these training process capabilities:

  • Learning strategy
  • Content design and development
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Learning administration, logistics, and help desk services
  • Learning assessment
  • Curriculum management
  • Learning technology
  • Instructor training delivery services

Organizations that can harness learning solutions will produce more effective training, adopt training practices that foster a learning culture, and see those effects reflect in business results. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training, organizations must be mindful of selecting the right tools and technologies that can increase the effectiveness of the training they deliver.

Key findings

Effectiveness of training at driving productivity:

  • 86% of high-performing organizations effectively use learning to improve employee productivity.
  • Only 55% of low-performing organizations do.

According to survey participants, learning technology can help to:

  • Increase technical skills in employees (72%)
  • Increase the quality of services and products (60%)
  • Conserve company resources—both time and money (43%)

Organizations fall into three camps:

  • 45% think they have most things in place.
  • 35% are having a hard time keeping any processes working at all.
  • 20% of organizations fall in between these extremes.

About the survey

In late 2021, KPMG and Training Industry partnered on a research survey to explore what it takes for companies to optimize their approach to learning. The study examines responses from 317 medium-to-large organizations to determine how learning contributes to improved employee productivity and organizational performance.

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