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Digital to the core

In May and June 2022, KPMG U.S. surveyed 1,052 U.S.-based, executive-level technology leaders across eight broad industry sectors. The 2022 KPMG U.S. Technology Survey Report covers the current state of their organization’s digital transformation journey, the challenges they are facing along that journey and their planned technology investments. This technology, media, and telecommunications industry insights report highlights the most significant differences in the survey findings for the 150 technology leaders in the technology, media, and telecommunications sector relative to all sectors represented in the survey.

Key findings

While the biggest tech companies are widely acknowledged to be leaders in developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies, our survey finds the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector scoring itself modestly in a number of important areas. One possible explanation is that these companies, with a deep appreciation for technology’s ever-growing potential, are more keenly aware than others of the gap between current capabilities and the future that lies ahead.

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Here are a few highlights:

Compared to other sectors, TMT executives report a mixed record progressing against their digital agendas.

Percentage who say they’re proactive in progressing against their strategy and continually evolving in the following areas:

  • AI and automation (28% vs. 40%)
  • Cloud (42% vs. 48%)
  • Cyber security (42% vs. 42%)

Yet they’re reporting some impressive results:

  • Say they’ve been very or extremely effective using digital technology to advance business strategy (72% vs. 66%)
  • Have deployed robotic process automation with a positive ROI (70% vs. 50%)
  • Have progressed against strategy in digital transformation (52% vs. 44%)

TMT executives report significantly different priorities and challenges:

  • Customer/user experience is a priority for investment in the next 12 months (63% vs. 56%)
  • AI/ML as a top-five area of investment over the next 12 months (37% vs. 48%)
  • Lack of executive buy-in and/or investment approval from leadership is limiting progress against their AI/automation agenda (39% vs. 19%)

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