State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2022

Focus areas in supply chain sustainability continue to shift and evolve

The pressure to support supply chain sustainability has increased steadily during the last year as pressure points have shifted. Attention to climate change mitigation and the conservation of natural resources is increasingly at the center of this conversation, but consistent with past years, it hasn’t always translated into investment dollars. And investment gaps are beginning to close in some areas—particularly with human rights protection.

Learn more about these and other key findings in a new, global survey report co-sponsored by KPMG and presented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation & Logistics and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Download the 2022 report here to learn about more trends in supply chain sustainability.

We see our clients moving towards practices that will improve transparency—notably supply chain mapping and codes of conduct. There is a strong desire to contribute to ESG values, and it goes beyond technology. We believe you have to incentivize the entire supply chain ecosystem to be transparent and open.
Rob Barrett, Principal, US Supply Chain Advisory Leader, KPMG US


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