Scenario planning and wargaming

What they are and why we need them in today’s uncertain future

Joseph P Gyengo

Joseph P Gyengo

Principal, Advisory, and U.S. Enterprise Risk Management Solution Leader, KPMG US

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Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner

Director Advisory, Internal Audit & Entrprse Risk, KPMG LLP

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Our world has become more interconnected and thus dynamic, evidenced by macroenvironmental turmoil such as the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, environmental pressures, geopolitical events, social movements, technological disruptions, financial fragility, and ever-changing supplier, regulatory, and customer relationships. We know the future will not be like the past. But we are not certain what that future looks like. In this new world, organizations need to upgrade their planning capabilities to set strategy and manage risk.

This paper discusses two tools, scenario planning and wargaming, that will enhance any planning approach today. It also looks at real life examples.

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