Putting data at the heart of impact

Reliable and relevant data is vital for impact investors to demonstrate accountability and to make better decisions, says KPMG’s Tania Carnegie.

In an interview with Private Equity International Magazine Tania Carnegie—Global and U.S. Lead, Private Equity and Asset Management, KPMG ESG, discusses why better data ultimately leads to better investment decisions and explains how technology is beginning to revolutionize the data landscape for impact investors.

Key interview takeaways:

  • High-quality impact data—marked by rigorous data-collection processes and controls—is essential for GPs to satisfy investors and regulators and ultimately leads to better investment decisions.
  • A plethora of new tools and technologies have surfaced to meet the increasing complexity of collecting, managing, and reporting on impact and ESG metrics.
  • Many GPs are also proactively supporting portfolio companies in developing sound collection and reporting approaches; for example, by helping them access advisers.
ESG performance, impact performance, and financial performance are all interrelated.
Tania Carnegie, Global and U.S. Lead, Private Equity and Asset Management, KPMG ESG

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