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How managed services address evolving cyber threats

Companies tap managed services to address evolving cyber threats

The pandemic spawned new ways of working, new security considerations across remote offices, mobile devices and everything in between. To protect the enterprise, build resilience and make cybersecurity an enabler of ongoing business transformation, CISOs must go beyond basic security investments.

A recent KPMG and HFS Managed Services Outlook 2022 survey reports that:






of companies indicated they have suffered at least one cyberattack over the past 12 months    




expect cyber risk to rise in the next 12 months

KPMG and HFS Managed Services Outlook 2022


While recent investments in security technology may deter known threats, they are less effective for emerging threats such as ransomware, cloud attacks, supply chain sabotage and advanced hacking.

Although Investments in new security tools sharply increase the amount of data coming in from disparate sources, most cybersecurity teams lack the technical skills to analyze it.

Companies are tapping managed services providers for specialized, hard-to-find talent. The shortage of qualified cyber professionals had intensified staff workload, led to human errors, and hampered the ability to prioritize or investigate alerts in a timely manner. Eighty-one percent of survey respondents said this shortage is driving their increased use of managed services in areas like network security, threat intelligence and threat hunting.

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