A new strategy for commercial operations

Discover Customer Operations: the evolution in front-office operations and enablement

Alex Tolmasoff

Alex Tolmasoff

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Walt Becker

Walt Becker

Principal, Advisory, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

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Breaking down silos between commercial functions such as marketing, sales, and service—and creating alignment—is a critical component for seamless customer strategies. When these teams work together, you can achieve more than just scale—you can build true customer intimacy. And when they don’t align, your company can be left behind.



of CEOs put customer experience as a top concern.

Source: 2019  SuperOffice Research

of organizations accelerated their investments in creating seamless customer experiences.

Source: 2020  US CEO Outlook, KPMG Research


of buyers pay more for a better customer experience.

Source: Pew Research, 2018

The solution?  Customer Strategy and Operations, the next evolution in managing your front office. Begin your journey now to better align marketing, sales, and service so you can deliver a more seamless customer experience.

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  • What today’s connected customers want from you
  • Strategies to build better alignment
  • The advantages of a new model
  • Questions you can ask as you consider change

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