A new game for sports arena business suites

Transforming sports venue hospitality suites into dynamic business suites can be a win-win for stadium owners and businesses

All professional stadiums offer hospitality suites, where businesses can entertain their prospective and existing clients on game day to build relationships and close deals. What if those suites were converted to allow more than just entertainment during a game? What if they were redesigned to be unique business meeting spaces that would allow a company to not only meet its clients but also give them an immersive experience with its products and services? And after the meeting, what if the suite still functioned as an exclusive space to enjoy the game? Such a plan would benefit both businesses and stadium owners: Businesses get a unique “destination” venue to conduct their business and meet with clients that has a lot more cachet than a typical office or hotel meeting room, while owners get increased use for their facilities and additional revenue for the enhanced suites.

In this paper, we’ll look at how sports arena and stadium owners can leverage their hospitality suites to gain additional revenue, enhance their brand, and offer their hospitality-suite clients an exciting new option for their own business development

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