Metaverse rising, as streaming skips a beat

Survey results indicate consumers are discovering the possibility of the metaverse, while cost tests their loyalty to streaming services

Scott Purdy

Scott Purdy

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Elizabeth Wills

Elizabeth Wills

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Connor Cantrell

Connor Cantrell

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KPMG conducted a survey of consumers to get a better understanding of their attitudes toward the metaverse, NFTs, and streaming services.


Roughly half of respondents interested in the metaverse indicated their primary interest was to make money.

Generation gap: Gen Z is not only the most knowledgeable around the metaverse, but they are also ready to build it. Across all generations, roughly 13 percent of respondents were planning to build a career in the metaverse, compared with nearly 21 percent of Gen Z respondents.


Despite the recent decline in trading volume and value of NFTs, 22 percent of respondents still plan to buy/mint/sell NFTs in the next year. An additional 23 percent of respondents were unsure about their involvement but didn’t rule out engaging in NFTs.


Entertainment isn’t recession proof after all: 20 percent of consumers have already canceled at least one service due to inflation, and another 37 percent would cancel if prices of other goods continue to rise.