Industry Perspectives: KPMG 2022 Fraud Outlook

Executive Summary

Marc Miller

Marc Miller

Partner, Forensic Network Leader, KPMG US

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David Nides

David Nides

Principal, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

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We are pleased to share our industry findings of the 2022 Fraud Outlook. Our survey of more than 600 executives across multiple industries confirmed anecdotal evidence about the effects of the pandemic on these three interconnected threats: it revealed that fraud, compliance concerns and cyber attacks are common, have increased in severity — and are expected to become more frequent.

This year’s report suggests that many companies have limited defenses in place, and the shift to hybrid or remote working is making existing controls less effective.

In our industry reports, we highlight the overlapping fraud, non-compliance, and cyber attack challenges that confront businesses across all sectors today and the top five things sector executives in Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Telecoms, Media & Entertainment, Technology need to know about the dangers facing their individual industries.

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