Industrial Manufacturing: KPMG 2022 Fraud Outlook

A triple threat across the Americas

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Daniel W. Click

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David Nides

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Five things industrial manufacturing executives need to know

Our recent report, A triple threat across the Americas highlighted the overlapping fraud, non-compliance, and cyber attack challenges that confront businesses across all sectors today. This follow-up piece reviews the dangers facing industrial manufacturing companies, and outlines five things that sector executives need to know:

  1. A majority of industrial manufacturing companies experienced fraud in the last year, and their defenses are the weakest for any sector analysed in our survey.
  2. Industrial manufacturing firms may not appreciate the substantial fraud risk they face from company insiders.
  3. Protecting intellectual assets and information technology systems are the most pressing anti-fraud priorities for the sector.
  4. Less ready than peers for an expected compliance storm.
  5. Relatively weak cyber-security has seen further challenges as a result of greater remote working. 


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Industrial Manufacturing: KPMG 2022 Fraud Outlook
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A triple threat across the Americas: KPMG 2022 Fraud Outlook

KPMG is pleased to present its 2022 outlook on fraud, cyber attacks and compliance concerns across the Americas. Our survey of more than 600 executives across multiple industries confirms anecdotal evidence about the effects of the pandemic on these three interconnected threats: it reveals that fraud, compliance concerns and cyber attacks are common, have increased in severity — and are expected to become more frequent.