Improve marketing performance with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

KPMG helps marketers gain value from their CDPs by using first- and third-party data to enhance cross-channel targeted messaging

Marketers know the importance of good data to build their campaigns. They also know that integrating and leveraging that data has been increasingly complicated as they expand across multiple channels, and that’s where a CDP makes all the difference. A CDP is a tool for marketers to unify their customer data from internal and external channels. When properly implemented, CDPs lead to a more robust and unified customer profile for marketers to access, and this enhanced data set in turn enables improved customer segmentation and optimized delivery of messages and offers.

KPMG can help companies adopt and effectively use Customer Data Platforms

At KPMG, we know data and we know how better data can lead to better outcomes for marketers. We provide a full lifecycle of services, ranging from identifying the right CDP solution for your business to implementation and integration to optimizing and managing the service as usage expands. To learn more about how KPMG can join forces with your organization to maximize your investment in a CDP download the PDF below.

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