The future of sales for healthcare and life sciences

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Alex Tolmasoff

Alex Tolmasoff

Director Advisory, C&O Commercial, KPMG US

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Walt Becker

Walt Becker

Principal, Advisory, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

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Today’s empowered patients want their healthcare payers and providers to know them and create relevant, tailored experiences. Buyers who work inside healthcare, life sciences, and medical device companies want the same things. Their expectations are fundamentally reshaping commercial models and sales models needed to drive profitable growth.

Healthcare and life sciences companies need to quickly rethink and adapt. They must continuously anticipate customer needs and transform using future-focused processes, technologies, and cost models.

KPMG works with sales teams to help them improve their ROI on sales investments and create winning customer strategies. Our healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) team is ready to help you:

  • Ask the right questions about how to improve your current sales models
  • Understand the approaches and tools you should use to meet HCLS buyers’ needs
  • Adapt your selling and technology models for greater efficiency and resilience

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