ESG leadership: Decarbonization

The CPO needs a seat at the top table to operationalize the sustainability strategy

The movement towards decarbonization to reduce and possibly reverse the damage of GHG emissions touches every business function within an organization that has ESG and net-zero targets. Procurement plays a big role in helping achieve these goals by understanding how suppliers—and, in turn, who they buy from—are managing their emissions and decarbonization strategies.

As a procurement leader, you have probably never been asked for this level of reporting before. You need accurate data as you support sustainability goals while considering the complex balance between decarbonization, business needs, and supporting communities with jobs and revenue.

The approach you choose can lead to both risks and opportunities

Changing supplier relationships can bring risk into your ecosystem, but it also can lead to creating new opportunities and jobs. It can open the lines of communications between you, your suppliers, and your communities about what you want to achieve and how they can be part of it.

Becoming involved in decision making about this important evolution is critical from the outset. It will help you operationalize your organization’s aspirations and build a concerted effort for success.

Learn insights about the role you can play in decarbonization in our paper, “ESG leadership: The CPO needs a seat at the top table to operationalize the sustainability strategy.”

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