Dynamic Risk Assessment

Identifying, connecting and visualizing risk in four dimensions

Joseph P Gyengo

Joseph P Gyengo

Principal, US Enterprise Risk Management Leader, KPMG US

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Navigating risk in an uncertain world

In today’s highly interconnected and volatile world, dominated by new technology and emerging business models, the past is no longer a reliable guide to the future. Past data is a poor fit for the future as the forces and trends that shape our future have increasingly not manifested themselves before. Moreover, risks combine. They spill over into each other—they don’t manifest neatly in isolation—and we no longer have the luxury of dealing with risks discretely.

Dynamic Risk Assessment: new way to view risk

Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) is a proprietary methodology developed by KPMG to help bring a better understanding of the risks organizations face in today’s complex world of developing technology, emerging markets, climate change, growing populations and other mega trends that interact to shape our future. DRA takes an unprecedented approach to gaining insights into clients’ risk environments by pinpointing central risks and shedding new light on the risk mitigation strategies.

The DRA methodology combines qualitative and quantitative data to help identify:

Your greatest systemic risk exposures, combinations and risk clusters to inform a risk mitigation plan

The impact of “mega trends” and their effects on your business

How risks will impact each other in the network and how they behave in a dynamic manner over time


Insights that may help you improve mitigation of systemically critical risks, to aid you in developing an investment strategy to counter those weaknesses

A framework to revisit your risk tolerance and overall risk management strategy

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