Embrace customer lifetime value to drive business growth

Take actionable steps to put the customer at the center of your front-office investment decisions through customer lifetime value (CLV)

Top companies embrace a customer-centric business model. This strategy puts customer lifetime value (CLV) – the net profit contribution of the customer to the company over time – front and center. The insights from CLV-based data and analytics can enable organizations to carefully engineer their go-to-market investments and actions. Not many companies think and operate this way today, but those that do have a distinct competitive advantage. And because of this, CLV will eventually be core to every winning company’s success.

KPMG has a tested approach to help organizations crystallize CLV and propel their customer-centric transformation initiatives.

By embedding CLV throughout the organization, companies can begin to achieve improved customer experience and lifecycle management across channels, which can help drive ROI growth, reduce churn, increase wallet share, and facilitate higher customer satisfaction.

How can you unlock value with CLV? To learn more, download the PDF below.

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