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Financial services companies live on data. It guides every facet of decisions, from customer acquisition to the back office to the boardroom. At KPMG, we help you turn analysis into action by leveraging modern technology solutions and accelerators.

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The future of insurance is data. Today, thanks to digital Transformation data stands behind every member acquisition, Every smoothly handled claim and every outstanding member experience, data structured and unstructured can help you know your member before you even meet. It helps you present policies tailored to individual needs, and increases your likelihood of success in building the relationship. And when a member files a claim, his or her most vulnerable moment, the data from photos, field reports, and vehicle onboard sensors can potentially help you assess and settle in a matter of minutes. With the right data and technology in place, deriving insights from this data is critical to achieving an integrated 360 view of the member, allowing for data enabled recommendations for next best actions and opportunities for cross-sell and upselling, letting you focus on complex cases where expertise is crucial. The data you collect can help facilitate new product solutions that compliment a shift from claims processing to claims prevention. It can also improve both pricing and member targeting. We all know the future is data driven. At KPMG, we can help you accelerate your ability to make impactful business decisions putting you in the driver's seat.


Joseph Updegrove

Joseph Updegrove

Principal, Lighthouse, KPMG LLP

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