Cybersecurity: Signals of change and the risk agenda

Understanding key cybersecurity investments needed to protect organizations and maintain stakeholder trust.

Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Principal, Advisory, and U.S. IT-Internal Audit Solutions Leader, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US

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Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) continuously assess how to deliver on their objectives to maintain trust of shareholders and stakeholders. This includes considering signals of change in risks faced by their organization and, in turn, changing the focus of the Internal Audit plan needed. Our complementary series, “On the CAE agenda,” provides a full view of top risks highlighted this period.

Signals of change

Cybersecurity is seen in the spotlight across most organizations in recent times. From a rapidly evolving technological landscape to ever-changing threats, cyberattacks are now seen as one of the greatest risks to a company’s health, and major cybersecurity investments are being made to protect organizations and maintain stakeholder trust.
According to the 2021 KPMG CEO Outlook, cybersecurity rose four places since 2020 and was selected as the greatest threat to an organization’s growth over the next three years. KPMG also found that CEOs plan to spend more on digital in 2021, with 52 percent prioritizing data security measures.