Building customer trust through effective cyber security risk management

Eight ways to mitigate and minimize cyber risk

Learn how security provides trust




Cyber is the #1 risk to growth

Cyber security risk tied with today’s environmental and supply chain issues as a top threat to organizational growth over the next three years.



Building cyber trust is critical to customers

The majority of CEOs believe a strong cyber strategy is critical to engender trust with key stakeholders.


Supply chains can be security challenges

CEOs view protecting their partner ecosystems and supply chains to be equally important to their own cyber defenses.


Cyber security can be a competitive advantage

Information security is seen by CEOs as a strategic function that can prove to put them ahead of their competitors.  


Creating a culture that focuses on cyber

Building a cyber security culture that focuses on defense is just as important as putting in technology controls.

Source: KPMG International, 2021 CEO Outlook Survey

8 CISO priorities to consider in 2022

Looking beyond the digital shifts created from the pandemic—remote, secure work environments and digital engagement and customer service—this hyperconnected world also creates space for global cyber risks. Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies, so businesses need to think about how to secure and build a tailored cyber defense and support. 

Our annual Cyber Security Considerations report identifies eight considerations that leaders should prioritize to help mitigate and minimize the impact of cyber attacks. 

Learn how to respond before, during, and after cyber attacks


ways to protect your customers, your data, and your sustainability

Expand the security conversation

Change the conversation from cost and speed to effective security.

Develop critical talent and skillsets

Transform the posture of CISOs from cyber security enforcers to influencers.

Adapt security for the cloud

Enhance cloud security through automation—from deployment to monitoring and remediation.

Place identity at the heart of zero trust

Put IAM and zero trust to work in today’s hyperconnected workplace.

Exploit security automation

Use smart deployment of security automation to help uncover value.

Protect the privacy frontier

Embed privacy and security by design to enhance risk management.

Secure beyond the boundaries

Transform supply chain security approaches—from manual and time intensive to automated and collaborative.

Recover rapidly during a cyber attack

Reframe the cyber resilience conversation to broaden the ability to sustain operations and mitigate consequences. 


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