Cyber considerations for the Metaverse

Four cyber considerations for security leaders

The next evolution of the internet is occurring right now, and it’s called the metaverse. As the scope of the internet expands, user experiences are getting more immersive through virtual reality, while augmented reality enhances physical spaces through virtual details and embellishments. The metaverse enables millions to digitally recreate more realistic interactions as well as design entirely new ones.

From an organization’s perspective, the metaverse allows businesses to unlock new paths towards growth, enhance customer relationships, and transform cost structures. Growth opportunities will continue to emerge as digital interactions get more immersive and contextual.

However, looking through the lens of cyber security, this trend raises significant risks that organizations need to consider. With the expanding boundaries of the internet, cybercriminals have an increasing attack surface to exploit. Moreover, the increasing realism of these experiences introduces additional safety and security concerns, as what users see, hear, and feel becomes more lifelike.

Security leaders are one of the most valuable participants in any organization’s metaverse ambitions. By actively engaging in bringing metaverse initiatives to markets, security leaders help safeguard customers and protect their enterprises’ investments. They are critical to establishing the trust required for these emerging opportunities to be realized. When you earn the trust of all your stakeholders, you create a platform for responsible growth, confident decision-making, bolder innovation, and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency.

Read our white paper, Cyber considerations for the Metaverse, that explores risk considerations that security leaders and metaverse innovators need to consider including:

  1. Digital impersonation
  2. Interoperability
  3. Account takeover risk – credential replay attack
  4. Data protection/Misuse

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